Bollé Bollé installs off-grid energy systems in Tanzania

Bollé Bollé (a non-profit organisation operating in Tanzania) recently completed the installation of 3 off-grid energy systems in Tanzania. For the 2 schools and 1 hospital, Ysebaert supplied the Victron Energy charger/inverters, MPPT chargers, solar batteries and the necessary installation equipment and materials. The local installation was carried out entirely by volunteers from Bollé Bollé with the assistance of local workers. The result is worth looking at (in the photos).

Bollé Bollé has set up a separate page devoted to the Solar for Igunga project on its website:

The aim of these projects is to guarantee the safety of children at school and patients in hospital. In addition, it is intended to familiarise the local population with the benefits of sustainable solar energy so that this can be implemented elsewhere in the district at a later stage.

System components: 

  • Victron Energy Quatro 48/5000, Quatro 48/15000 en Quatro 48/10000 
  • MPPT-charger 25/100 
  • Solar battery A600 2V 
  • Color control GX 
  • Lynx Shunt VE.CAN 
  • Lynx distributor 
  • Installation material

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Dragon Josephine, powered by Ysebaert

Theatre company Cie des 4 Saisons has developed a fully-automated dragon for their latest production, measuring 7 metres tall and 12 metres long. They have been working on their dragon, called 'Josephine', for the last 2 years. The dragon was designed to move, talk and puff out smoke! The entire structure is built around the forklift truck used as its skeleton.  

They asked us to advise on their energy system. We supplied 3 Lithium Smart 24V/200Ah batteries, a Skylla-TG 24/100 battery charger and BMS. This enabled them to control a hydraulic pump, allowing the dragon's neck and head to move, as well as giving it the ability to puff smoke.  

The new show tells the story of a dragon that fell asleep during the Middle Ages and woke up in our era, when everything has changed a lot. The show deals with themes such as the environmental transition and transgenders. The dragon identifies more as a woman than a man, and asks whether her name can be changed to Josephine. 

We think that the result has been a great success! 

System components: 

  • Lithium Smart battery 24V/200Ah 
  • Skylla-TG 24/100 battery charger  
  • BMS 
  • Smart battery protect 220A 
  • Installation material 

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Medical bus with efficient hybrid energy system

Bus manufacturer Van Hool has built 2 new medical buses for Idewe (external workplace health and safety service).

To minimise the need for employees to travel, this vehicle visits firms to carry out mandatory medical examinations.

Many of the locations visited lack a suitable power supply, and so the bus needs to be able to operate totally autonomously for 8 hours. In the past, a generator would often have been required, but with today's energy technologies, a cleaner, more efficient energy supply is possible.

In collaboration with Van Hool's engineering design office, we developed a modern energy system with lithium batteries, solar panels and inverter/chargers. Keeping the weight down was a major requirement. 

Each medical vehicle has its own energy supply, equipped with:

  • 2 x Quattro 5000VA inverter/chargers;
  • 6 x Lithium NMC batteries providing a total of 30 kWh, and weighing just 172 kg;
  • DC distribution system with built-in BMS;
  • 1080 Wp solar panels with MPPT 60A charge controller; 
  • Battery to Battery charger to ensure controlled charging of the lithium battery via the alternator while driving;
  • Intelligent energy management with remote monitoring.

The combination of various energy sources (solar, alternator, battery and mains power) guarantees an efficient hybrid power supply.

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