45 years of know-how and experience

Victron Energy, trendsetters in everything relating to power supply, energy storage and alternative energy.

Victron Energy products are trendsetters in everything relating to power supply, energy storage and alternative energy. In places where there is no mains electricity or the current is inadequate, Victron equipment ensures that you can still benefit from every modern amenity. We have a large stock so that many products can already be delivered the next day, while for articles that are not in stock, the delivery time is maximum 4 days. You can order these articles quickly and easily via our web shop.

Reliable, quiet generators

Water-cooled engine generators compact, light and very efficient.

Fischer Panda GmbH is a worldwide renowned manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile marine and vehicle applications. Fischer Panda generators are the ideal choice for both leisure and professional boating. Unrivalled for reliability and durability making them the factory choice for customers all over the world. The generators with water-cooled engines are small, light, quiet and very efficient.
You can order these articles quickly and easily via our web shop.

Integrating renewables into storage

Energy storage for industrial and commercial applications.

For larger energy storage systems from 50 kW upwards, we work with Iris Energy. These systems are modular, efficient and can be fitted with a UPS, peak shaving and a DC charging system for electric cars. 

A battery for every application

Comprehensive battery range: lithium, salt water, AGM, Gel, …

We work with various suppliers to select the right battery for your application.
Based on our years of experience, we have chosen these partners for their quality, technical specifications and price.

Greenrock salt water batteries are environmentally-friendly and very safe. 

Pylontech's lithium batteries have a modular design that makes them usable universally in any ESS system. They are characterised by their safety standard (LiFePO4), integrated BMS, extended life cycle and compact design. 

MG Energy produces lithium batteries with various types of cell (LiFePO4, NMC) and for many different applications. Compact, low weight and safety were major factors in our choice of MG Energy.

In applications that don't require thousands of cycles and where the higher cost of lithium is not economically viable, we supply our customers with AGM and Gel batteries from Victron Energy.