Larger battery systems possible through Synergrid approval of Quattro, webinar on August 5th

Inverters used in battery storage systems have to be approved by Synergrid. The following models of the Quattro inverter/charger from Victron Energy are now also approved under the provision C10/11 ed2.1 (2019) and included on the list C10/26.

We therefore are no longer limited to the 5kVA inverter capacity of the Multiplus-II and larger battery systems are also possible with a 3-phase connection.

Because the Quattro does not have an internal double disconnect relay, it still has to be externally connected. For this Victron has an Anti-Islanding Box where this double relay, the Ziehl UFR1001E, is built in so as to control this relay and a main fuse. This is suitable for both mono-phase and three-phase systems. It has a power up to 63A per phase and all parts are usefully installed in an IP65 housing. It is also possible to purchase the Ziehl separately.

On August 5th at 08.30 a.m. Luc Baeyens will be giving a webinar (in Dutch) on the use of the Quattro in ESS systems. Registration via this link is required. 

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Gepubliceerd op: 24-06-2021