Color Control GX multifunctional display

The Victron Energy Color Control multifunctional display controls and monitors all devices it is connected to.

The colour screen clearly displays the full energy system and can show all data and parameters for every connected device. Historical data can be stored locally for subsequent analysis. Information can also be sent to a monitoring website (VRM Online Portal).

As soon as the Color Control is connected to the internet, an automatic firmware update starts and new functions are added.

A wide range of devices can be connected:

  • Multi and Quattro inverter/chargers
  • MPPT150/70 charge controller
  • Blue Solar MPPT charge controllers (limited series)
  • Skylla-I battery charger
  • Lynx Ion BMS

More information is provided by this datasheet and the product section of our website.

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Gepubliceerd op: 13-01-2014