Home battery - S³ SmartSolarStorage

Make your home or SME self-sufficient with the S³ Smart Solar Storage. Store up your extra solar energy during the day, then use it in the evening.

  • Energy storage in innovative lithium battery
  • Intelligent and automatic
  • Easy installation and integration (plug & play)
  • Increases your independence in case of power failure (back-up)
  • 230V AC-coupled
  • Modular: Expand the S³ with extra modules to a maximum storage capacity of ±18kWh. Still not enough? Then just install an extra S³
  • Easily monitoring online or via your smartphone
  • Synergrid approved.

S³ at the movies !

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Here we explain in a simple way the concept of our home battery S³ Smart Solar Storage.

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From 30% to 70% own energy supply

The S³ Smart Solar Storage buffers your solar electricity in a battery  instead of injecting your surplus solar energy into the distribution grid. As soon as your self-generated energy is no longer enough to power your devices, the S³ jumps in. The energy stored in the battery is then fed back into your own electricity grid via the integrated converter. If your battery is empty, the distribution grid will still help out until the next sunny day. Battery storage increases your private energy supply from 30% to 70%. 

With the S³ you also increase your independence in the event of a power outage.
Freezer, refrigerator, PC, CH pump, ... continue to function via the integrated emergency power functionality (No-Break).

How much autonomy do I have with a 6.4kWh battery capacity?
In the winter mode (battery always fully charged) and 500W of consumption (e.g. freezer, CH pump and several energy-saving lamps), you’ll have an autonomy of around 10 hours.

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A battery is an essential part of a self-consumption system and we recommend choosing a lithium battery for this. Alternatively, you could opt for an environment-friendly salt water battery. Studies have shown that for an average home (consumption ± 5000kWh) a ratio of battery storage/consumption of 1.25kWh/1MWh is regarded as optimal.  

The modular lithium battery from Pylontech is the ideal solution for this:

US3000 / US5000 - Capacity per module 3.5kWh / 4.8kWh

The US3000/US5000 is chosen when:

  • unlimited expansion is desired (from 17 batteries an additional hub is required)
  • price is important

Installation requires brackets or a server cabinet an mounting is more complex compared to the Pelio.

Pelio - Capacity per module 5.12kWh

The Pelio is chosen for:

  • its small floor area (578x165mm)
  • easy installation (integrated cabling and fuse)
  • its attractive design
  • extendable up to 20 modules
  • floor or wall mounting

The Pelio is more expensive to buy compared to the US3000/US5000. Each module weighs 45kg.

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Various systems

With our years of experience, we have devised a number of standard battery storage systems for our customers. Of course, we can develop a custom system in collaboration with the customer.

All our standard systems work in parallel with your home system.

You can find more information and prices for each of these systems here.

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