Wiska LED module series 1131 and 2000

Wiska has developed a special LED module to replace the incandescent light bulb in the fittings of its 1131 (brass) and 2000 series (polycarbonate).
The base plate with its pre-wired lampholder can be exchanged for a base plate with a LED module and driver.
The LED lamp is covered with a special lens so that the beam is similar to that from a traditional light bulb.

Existing lamps can be replaced by this new module. There are also some new models on the market that are delivered as standard with this LED module.

For the technical details of the new light fittings listed, you can view the technical information sheet below. 

10110592         1131/CR/clear/oT/LED-M/5W-1xZ14
10110593         2000/LED-M/clear/5W

You can also download the instructions for replacing the existing light bulbs with a LED module.

Article numbers: 
22001154         SP-1131-2000 ST/LED 230Vac/840
22001155         SP-1131-2000 ST/LED 230Vac/830

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Gepubliceerd op: 17-12-2019