New LED navigation lights: the Glamox Aqua Signal series 60

Glamox Aqua Signal is introducing the LED navigation lantern series 60 in a single version for vessels between 20m and 50m.

This new series is designed for a lifetime of 100,000 h (11 years with continuous use) and has a built-in countdown system that warns the user when the lantern needs to be replaced. This warning is shown on the Aqua Signal navigation control panel (or panels from other manufacturers if compatibility is guaranteed). 

Series 60 dimensions are identical to the well-established series 55. The integrated junction box leaves enough room for the connections and if necessary, the all-round lanterns can be mounted upside down. The supply voltage is 24VDC or 115V/230V AC.

To ensure Aqua Signal’s renowned product quality, these lanterns are subjected to extensive testing including shock tests (up to 15g), vibration tests (2.3g for 2 hours), climate tests (-25°C to +55°C), salt spray tests, EMC and IP testing.

Consult the product info sheet or our website.

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Gepubliceerd op: 26-04-2018