FL60 Spotbeam - LED area light for longer distances

The FL60 Spotbeam is the newest addition to the well-known family of FL60 LED area lights. The FL60 Spotbeam is available as a 4-module version. It is an excellent choice for illuminating longer distances with 200 lux at 20 metres. The light is exceptionally bright and instantly illuminates areas where lighting is required fast.

Heat management is a deciding factor in the development of new LED solutions. The Glamox FL60 Spotbeam was specifically developed to meet this challenge and can be used in ambient temperatures from -30°C to +45°C. The choice of LED system and clever design ensure the area light is virtually maintenance free. This means substantial savings in manpower as well as energy savings of approx. 25%.
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Gepubliceerd op: 30-03-2015