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Which markets does Ysebaert serve?

Ysebaert offers solutions for sectors in which energy security is crucial. We supply products that you install yourself as a professional and develop in consultation with installers or directly with the end user total solutions for hybrid energy systems.


A comfortable trip to your vacation destination, a flawless recording of a live event, or saving lives. Work with Ysebaert to develop reliable solutions for:

  • Coaches – VIP-cars
  • Utility vehicles (ambulance, fire department, police, etc.)
  • Service vehicles
  • Direction and recording vehicles
  • Mobile home
  • Horse trailer
  • Specials

An autonomous energy system with battery, charger/transformer and optional extremely quiet generator gives you peace of mind.

You can find here some sample systems.


Do you need reliable power at sea or on inland waters? Develop your independent energy system with Ysebaert. Choose intelligent UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply) that guarantee a constant electricity supply. Our systems work with any type of battery. Ideal for dredging operations, inland shipping, commercial shipping, offshore or pleasure cruising.

You can find here some sample systems.


Are you looking for the confidence that you can immediately switch to alternative energy in case of a loss of mains power? Do you want the freedom to draw on enough energy at any moment and at every industrial location? Work together with Ysebaert to develop a backup system (UPS – uninterruptible power supply) or a combination of mobile power packs and UPS to suit your needs.

You can find here some sample systems.

Solar (off/on-grid)

Are you an installer or reseller? Do your customers want to optimise their existing energy supply or realise new projects with a minimum ecological footprint? In the framework of maximum self-consumption of self-generated energy, your customer will now most likely choose local buffering of electricity. Ysebaert draws up solutions, off-grid or off/on-grid, and supplies high quality products or components.

You can find here some sample systems.