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Reliable hybrid energy systems

At Ysebaert, you will find the products, the configuration and system knowledge and the experience to develop and/or to install hybrid energy systems for the automotive, maritime, industrial or solar sectors. Are you a manufacturer or installer? Choose our high quality products, ask for advice and develop your own independent energy system. Or work for complex projects in close consultation with Ysebaert’s product managers and service engineer.

S³ SmartSolarStorage

Make your home or SME self-sufficient with the S³ Smart Solar Storage. Store up your extra solar energy during the day, then use it in the evening.

  • Battery storage in innovative lithium battery
  • Intelligent and automatic
  • Easy installation and integration (plug & play)
  • Increases your independence in case of power failure (back-up)


Some examples of recent projects:
- Multifunctional truck with solar energy
- Industrial self-consumption system

This link will take you to a separate page with projects that were established in cooperation with Ysebaert.

Energy in balance

Do you want to be certain of energy at every moment? A contemporary hybrid energy system tailored for you is the solution more than ever. Start from a carefully chosen mix of energy sources such as sun or wind, an alternator/dynamo, generator or your mains connection. Buffer energy with proven solutions and use it the moment you need it. Make use of our expertise. From the latest battery solutions (e.g. lithium), to generators and combinations of off-grid and on-grid solutions.

Off/on grid energy systems

Off-grid and on-grid solutions enable you to buffer electrical energy and make it available according to your actual energy needs. For technical and financial reasons, those who generate alternative energy increasingly choose battery storage as a result of which the “self-consumption” of these energy forms increases. Rely on Ysebaert for intensive knowledge of products, configurations and systems and work with us to develop dependable solutions.

Smart grid ready

The classic grid and alternative energy sources complement each other more than ever. Smart applications help to switch your system between the different energy sources as optimally as possible. In this way, we build a local smart grid. Our applications also function perfectly as part of the larger smart grid.

Partner for installers/OEM

Do you want the certainty that the solution you propose to your client is reliable? Ysebaert can provide you with professional advice. We will work with you to make a detailed analysis and guide you in the configuration and commissioning of hybrid energy systems that you install for you client. We give customised training programs and workshops which reveal all the details of our quality products to you, increasing the service level you provide to your customers.

Own installations

System integration with the latest lithium packs? A hybrid energy system that is a real challenge? Call on Ysebaert product managers and staff for an analysis, drawing out a solution or the implementation. We work directly with you as the end client or in close consultation with your trusted installer.

Up-to-date solutions and guarantee conditions

The latest solutions function increasingly intelligently, economically, efficiently, etc. Ysebaert follows trends and developments closely. At any given moment, you can rely on us:

  • All our solutions comply with market requirements
  • We work with solutions, products or components that have proven their quality
  • You can count on a clear service policy for products and systems from the hybrid energy department